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We help Everyday Athletes harness their full athletic potential. We also know that our members have lives outside the gym.

Whether it is indulging in our latest coffee obsession, tracking down the healthiest (and tastiest) places to eat, and drink or reviewing the latest fitness gadgets and workout gear, you can trust us to find the best of what is out there.

Virtual Gym Membership

Club membership is the heart and soul of the Strength Matters community.

We want you to get in the best shape of your life whether it is from home, in the gym or while you are traveling, with the support and coaching you need and the results you want on your schedule.

You’ll get access to our dedicated training software, be involved with our monthly challenges, receive daily workouts and be a part of a like-minded global Everyday Athlete community.

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Online Personal Coaching

Get in the best shape of your life—for the rest of your life—with the help of the Strength Matters team.

We help men and women find the healthy lifestyle they have been seeking by allowing them to take control of their habits, roll back the years and get the athletic body they’ve always wanted.

Professional Education

Our goal is to teach the next generation of health and fitness professionals the skills required to coach Everyday Athletes.

As a Strength Matters student, we will guide you through our elite-level coaching system and philosophy. These two factors combined consistently deliver results, client compliance, and business growth. And the best part? You can implement what you learn into your fitness business immediately.

Let us help you advance your career and grow your business today!

Latest Articles

Strength Matters is a multimedia company. Our very best content is saved for the magazine, however, we publish free weekly blogs, podcasts and TV episodes on key health and fitness topics. Here are some of our latest articles, which are the perfect starting point for the Everyday Athlete as well as for the coach who values an intelligent and sustainable approach to health and fitness.

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