**Exciting Opportunity**

In the fall of 2017, the Strength Matters team is coming to New York City and Orange County, California to deliver a series of private in-house events.

These certifications are a precursor to our 2018 Everyday Athlete Series of certifications and will be the very first time we deliver this exclusive training material. We’re looking for a handful of passionate people who would like to attend the certification at a highly discounted admission fee in return for providing us with valuable feedback and insights.

If you love the work that we do, then this is your opportunity to obtain your place at a reduced cost and get FREE admission to the next event.

Upcoming Everyday Athlete Events

EA Certification: New York City | 7th - 8th Oct 2017.

We’re looking for 10 people to join us at this exclusive private event in New York City as we deliver our very first ever Everyday Athlete Fundamentals Certification.

$799 $399

EA Certification: Orange County, CA | 10th - 11th Nov 2017.

Join us at this exclusive private event in Orange County this November 11th – 12th as we deliver our very first Everyday Athlete Fundamentals Certification in California.

$799 $399

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