The Strength Matters Swing Test: Why? [2nd Edition]

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[Update 28th Feb 2016] Video Of Candidates Reactions Released.

At Strength Matters we truly believe that the kettlebell swing is the heart and soul of kettlebell training; the movement most responsible for the transformation results SO many have gotten over the years.

So, as we put together our first Kettlebell Instructor’s Certification we decided that the best way to make sure people take their preparation seriously is to institute a swing test. Our swing test is the most accessible to the most people and yet requires serious preparation and training to pass.

The swing test consists of 200, single arm swings in 10 minutes. Every 30 seconds the candidate will perform 10 reps and then put the bell down before changing hands. This ensures each rep is a true, hard style swing, but also ensures that those reps are performed in the safest possible way. It is a real, hardstyle test of strength and work capacity. The perfect representation of our focus and mission at Strength Matters.

It sounds easy but I assure you it is not. It is accessible to almost everybody, but you MUST train to be prepared. Training for this test will make you all day strong.

This is what we’re about at Strength Matters and the Swing is the Centre of our Universe.

Come prepared ☺

Mark Reifkind
Mark has been training, competing, coaching and studying human movement and performance for the last 43 years. From his first incarnation as a gymnast, through ultra endurance sport, bodybuilding, powerlifting and kettlebell training passion for training and the wisdom one gets from it has never waned. He owns GiryaStrength, a personal training company in Palo Alto California and has written for numerous publications.
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