How To Instantly Improve Your Posture (And Mood) At Work

Here are three things anyone can do immediately to change the workday and instantly improve posture and mood. (Plus a bonus hack at the end!) Joint mobility Move every 50-minutes Audit your desk [...]

The Ten Components Of Athleticism (And Why They Matter To You)

The Life Of A Royal Marine Commando In 2009, when I was a 30-year old whipper snapper (and Royal Marines Commando) we used to achieve some crazy physical feats. Our barracks were on the edge of a [...]

What is the Everyday Athlete?

In the U.S.A. and U.K., approximately 60% of all adults aged between 18-64 are completely sedentary. They do no intended exercise, have completely inactive jobs and spend more than 14 hours per [...]