[Review] I Took A Curve Ball That Life Threw At Me, And Turned It Into A Kettlebell

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Stress is this overused word that we all seem to have too much of. In training for the Strength Matters Certification I took a curve ball that life threw at me, turned it into a bell and made myself healthier.

If you’ve been training for a while you likely know and feel the difference that exercise makes in your ability to cope with stress when times get tough.

I credit regular training has helped me tremendously in the past with my stress but when my training came to an abrupt stop after surgery last year I felt this incredible weight in my mind and body that was greater than I can put into words.

This wasn’t a self-chosen stress and I appreciate now that these kinds of stresses are the ones we need to be prepared for.

To a certain extent we can eliminate or reduce self-chosen stresses and we should! My experience has helped me learn that to the body stress is stress.

The negative effects on our digestive system, thoughts, and physical self from stress can be too much to cope with. If you don’t take a good look at examining, controlling, and eliminating stresses in your life you are setting yourself up for tough times ahead.

Although exercise and good nutrition will get you so far, I suggest the mindset piece where stress lies will hold you back from your full potential.


It’s time to get conscious and mindful of the kinds of stresses we are allowing into our lives. Let’s face it, life is short and we want to feel good! I have changed since this experience and I encourage you to prepare for major stressful events that will come your way by reducing and eliminating self-chosen stresses now.

Last year I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my nose requiring a full thickness skin graft from behind my ear to fill the hole they dug to remove the tumor that went right through to my nasal bone.

What I saw on the outside was a small part of that what was going on inside. It’s when what you take for granted slips away from you because of things you can’t control that your game changes.

Things just don’t come back when your mental game isn’t in it. I made priorities and saw daily improvements but couldn’t find the strength to work my kettlebell practice and exercise as I had in the past.

The idea to take the first Strength Matters Certification in the United States came from James Breese.

I read the certification requirements on the computer for my age and weight (52 and 130 lbs) and went out to the gym to find the 20 Kg kettlebell to see how hard swinging it single arm 200 times in 10 minutes would be.

After a few singles I put the bell down and said “No s***…..a goal was born again!!

I took on a realistic training plan over the next four months with the help of my trainer Andrea Brennan and the online resources provided by Strength Matters.

It was like a little bit of me changed for the better with every swing and press. The progress built me back up again, and I feel stronger than I ever have before.

The strength endurance piece for this certification stands alone as the #1 thing that has changed my body.

Building up to the 200 swings in 10 minutes was done in a safe, realistic and timely way that I feel has made my torso stronger, leaner, and more connected than I have ever been since having two children 20 years ago.

The certification I took in San Diego was fun and supportive, yet physically tough. I have made some new friends that I look forward to connecting with again.

When you think you can’t you can and when you think it won’t happen to you think again. I’m here to tell you eliminating things I don’t have to or want to do has become a priority for me. This has meant I’ve had to give some things up that I should have anyway if I had been thinking more this way in the past.

I encourage you to get conscious and mindful of the kinds of stresses you are allowing into your life. Consider what you can let go of today so that you are best prepared for the stresses that lie ahead that you have no control of.

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